Editing and Book Promotion Services

It’s All Write offers a range of services to aspiring and published authors. Our aim is to graphicstock-close-up-on-the-hands-of-young-woman-using-computer-tablet-and-smart-phone-business-technology-multitasking-concept_S6WNYV9k-help you produce your best possible book whether you are seeking a traditional publisher or aim to self publish – and then to help you sell as many copies as possible.

If you’ve finished your first draft and need feedback on how well your story hangs together, ask for a structural edit. We’ll give you feedback on character, plot, setting, pacing, style, voice, point of view and all the other elements that make up a finished book.

If you are further down the track and just need a fresh set of eyes to check for grammar and punctuation errors as well as typos, ask us to proofread your manuscript for you.

If you are approaching publication, we can put together a launch campaign to make your book as visible as possible within the Australian market place. Which bloggers and journalists are likely to be interested in your book? What are the interesting angles for  interviews? Is your book suitable to pitch you for radio and TV interviews? How do you make your book available to reviewers? Do you have material for posting on your social media platforms? We can do all this and more for you, at a price designed to be affordable for both individual authors and small publishers.

For a quote, contact principal Laura Boon.

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