9780648396901The Ten-Step Publicity Plan for Authors by Laura Boon

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About the Book

Press releases …. reviews … interviews … cover reveals … newsletters … blog tours … street teams

You’ve written and published your book. Now you need a strategy to help more copies find their way into the hands of interested readers. Publicity is the most effective and least expensive marketing tool available to you. Even better news is that it’s not rocket science. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands ink-stained, you can create a successful publicity template you can tweak for every book.

Have you ever wondered how the big publishers create all that publicity for their authors? Wonder no more. Laura Boon, a successful book publicist who has worked for multiple publishing houses, helps you plan a simple yet effective publicity campaign that will get your book ‘out there’ for minimal financial investment. Every time.

The Ten-Step Publicity Plan for Authors is a short, succinct, practical and easy-to-implement publicity strategy for your book, fiction or non-fiction, new book releases, backlist titles and series.

The ten steps cover:

  1. Content: identifying your unique attributes and angles
  2. Creating a database of appropriate journalists and bloggers
  3. Your press kit
  4. Reviews, interviews and pitching to the media
  5. Events and appearances
  6. Blog tours and other online promotions
  7. Websites and newsletters
  8. Social media
  9. Swag
  10. Timelines and countdown to launch

Praise for Laura Boon and The Ten-Step Publicity Plan for Authors

“Laura Boon is a fabulous publicist. She really cares about her authors, their opportunities and successes.” – Rebecca Saunders, Head of Fiction, Hachette Australia

“Laura is an author’s dream. She has helped make several of my books into bestsellers and has real credibility and knowledge in the media world.  She is also a really nice human being,and boy does that help!” – Steve Biddulph, international bestselling author of Raising Boys in the Twenty-First Century, Raising Girlsand others.

“I have worked with Laura extensively as a publicist for over five years and there is no one else I would trust to organize my media and publicity campaigns. She is extremely thorough, well prepared and really delivers on the meaning of the phrase, ‘to leave no stone unturned’. She is very supportive towards the authors in her care. Having worked in publicity for many years and in numerous countries, Laura is very experienced at pulling together comprehensive campaigns.” – Samantha Miles, Publishing Manager Finch Publishing

“Writing your book is only the beginning. Having a person like Laura Boon in your corner who is as passionate as you are about getting yourself, and your work, out to the wide world is a definite must-have. Working together, I have watched Laura work miracles with unknown authors, garnering them much needed and hard-won publicity, as well as guiding and supporting established authors through the media maze.” – Sonya, marketer

“Laura Boon’s Ten Step Publicity Plan for Authors is as sharp as a tack. If you want the cameras to be rolling, the radio stations microphones’ to be buzzing and for social media to be reverberating, this is the book for you.” – Andrew Fuller, author of Unlocking Your Child’s Genius, Tricky Teens and others

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About the Author

LauraBoon2Laura Boon has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature and is an Accredited Editor with the Institute for Professional Editors (IPEd). She has worked in the book publishing industry for thirty years in a variety of positions from bookseller, book sales rep and product coordinator to marketing manager but mostly as a publicist, a job she loves. What other position gives you the opportunity to meet authors, work on new projects, and tell the world about important and entertaining books?

Laura has worked for big publishing houses like Random House and Hachette as well as for smaller companies like Finch Publishing and Walker Books. All these experiences have given her insight into how books are sold, marketed and promoted. As a publicist, her job is to gain maximum exposure for a new book by promoting it using tools such as events and interviews, reviews and online marketing. Not all authors can afford a book publicist, so she has put together this succinct but invaluable guide to doing your own publicity. With planning, enthusiasm and dedication, you can do it. Trust her when she says it’s easier than writing a novel.

Laura enjoys corresponding with authors.  You can contact her here or on Facebook (@itsallwriteeditandpromote),  on Twitter as @LollyRussell, and on Instagram as lauraboonrussell66.