Agent or Publisher

I discussed the prose and cons of both agents and publishers in my column for Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) and on my website.

Traditionally an author needed a publisher to get a foot in the door of an established publishing house. As with so much else, this has changed and authors can now approach publishers direct in many cases. There are good reasons to do this – as there are good reasons to stick with an agent.

You can read the full blog post here. It was originally published on the RWA website.

Our Five Favourite Reads

Love Lines

Welcome to The Writers’ Dozen Top 5 Reads Blog Hop

I fortunate to belong to a fabulous writers’ group of women of diverse tastes and interests. If there’s one thing you know about writers, it is that they are also readers. Here’s a look at what I’ve been reading this past two months along with links to all their favourite reads. Whilst mine are all romance (this time), the others feature a broad range from crime to non-fiction. Enjoy!

I’ve been meaning to give Jo Beverley’s books a go for quite some time now. I read Christmas Angel as a post-Christmas indulgence and then went back to start her Company of Rogues series from book 1. To date, I’ve glommed my way through An Arranged Marriage, An Unwilling Bridge, A Christmas Angel, A Dangerous Joy, and Forbidden. They are dark Regency romances exploring the ugly underbelly of reality for…

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