Ten-Step Publicity Plan for Authors

The Ten-Step Publicity Plan for Authors is now available in ebook from Amazon (US, UK and Australia). It’s a succinct, practical guide to everything an author needs to know to implement her or his publicity plan.

Topics include:9780648396901

    1. Content: identifying strengths and angles
    2. Building a blogger and media database
    3. Creating a press kit
    4. Reviews and interviews
    5. Events and appearances
    6. Owned media
    7. Social Media
    8. Online promotions
    9. Swag
    10. Timelines and the countdown to launch


Praise for The Ten-Step Publicity Plan for Authors

“Laura Boon’s Ten Step Publicity Plan for Authors is as sharp as a tack. If you want the cameras to be rolling, the radio stations microphones’ to be buzzing and for social media to be reverberating, this is the book for you.” – Andrew Fuller, author of Unlocking Your Child’s Genius,Tricky Teens and others

Praise for Laura Boon

“Laura is an author’s dream. She has helped make several of my books into bestsellers and has real credibility and knowledge in the media world.  She is also a really nice human being, and boy does that help!” – Steve Biddulph, international bestselling author of parenting books Raising Boys in the Twenty-First Century, Raising Girls and others

“Laura Boon is a fabulous publicist. She really cares about her authors, their opportunities and successes.” – Rebecca Saunders, Head of Fiction, Hachette Australia

‘Laura brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the job – she’s a fantastic publicist and I loved working with her.  In particular, I loved that she was across both traditional and new modes of publicity, from major newspapers to the latest in social media.’ – Pamela Freeman, author of The War Bride, The Desert Nurseand others

“I have worked with Laura extensively as a publicist for over five years and there is no one else I would trust to organize my media and publicity campaigns. She is extremely thorough, well prepared and really delivers on the meaning of the phrase, ‘to leave no stone unturned’. She is very supportive towards the authors in her care. Having worked in publicity for many years and in numerous countries, Laura is very experienced at pulling together comprehensive campaigns.” – Samantha Miles, Publishing Manager Finch Publishing

“Writing your book is only the beginning. Having a person like Laura Boon in your corner who is as passionate as you are about getting yourself, and your work, out to the wide world is a definite must-have. Working together, I have watched Laura work miracles with unknown authors, garnering them much needed and hard-won publicity, as well as guiding and supporting established authors through the media maze.” – Sonya Danaher, marketer

Agent or Publisher

I discussed the prose and cons of both agents and publishers in my column for Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) and on my website.

Traditionally an author needed a publisher to get a foot in the door of an established publishing house. As with so much else, this has changed and authors can now approach publishers direct in many cases. There are good reasons to do this – as there are good reasons to stick with an agent.

You can read the full blog post here. It was originally published on the RWA website.

Our Five Favourite Reads

Laura Boon Author

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I fortunate to belong to a fabulous writers’ group of women of diverse tastes and interests. If there’s one thing you know about writers, it is that they are also readers. Here’s a look at what I’ve been reading this past two months along with links to all their favourite reads. Whilst mine are all romance (this time), the others feature a broad range from crime to non-fiction. Enjoy!

I’ve been meaning to give Jo Beverley’s books a go for quite some time now. I read Christmas Angel as a post-Christmas indulgence and then went back to start her Company of Rogues series from book 1. To date, I’ve glommed my way through An Arranged Marriage, An Unwilling Bridge, A Christmas Angel, A Dangerous Joy, and Forbidden. They are dark Regency romances exploring the ugly underbelly of reality for…

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